Chugach Electric Association

Mitch is running again in 2020 - update coming soon!

Breaking news!  New video featuring Mitchell Roth HERE.

Chugach Electric Association (CEA) service area is the Anchorage bowl.  Last year voters approved the sale of Municipal Light & Power (ML&P), owned by the Municipality of Anchorage, to Chugach Electric Association.  The merger is currently underway.

As a member-owned cooperative, Chugach is guided by a board of directors elected by and from its membership. The seven-member board sets policy and provides direction to Chugach's general manager. Directors are elected to staggered four-year terms in conjunction with the annual meeting each spring.

AKCAN/UMAP endorse Mitchell Roth as the green candidate of choice!  Mitch has shown extraordinary leadership in moving CEA towards a more renewable energy rich portfolio (check back for more details).  

Check out Mitch's video here. 
Learn more about Mitch here

There are 3 ways to vote:
  1. Mail in ballot (coming soon!)
  2. VOTE online (coming soon!).  
  3. Attend the member meeting on May 21st (more details soon!)

Member groups:

Chugach Green Energy:

Chugach Reliability Group:


Chugach Consumers:

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